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Mental Health Education, Training & Promotion

CMHA-WECB offers training programs and workshops for professionals, employers, educational institutions, and the general public who work with or care for persons living with a mental illness. We offer programs in both English and French by qualified, certified instructors.

We are always happy to discuss your training needs and adapt our training programs, scheduling and fees on an individual basis as needed. If you would like information about CMHA providing a custom workshop at your location, please complete our Request for Workshop/Training form and we will respond within two business days.

Dates requested are subject to availability. A minimum notice of four weeks is recommended for scheduling purposes. Requests requiring the development of new materials or significant alteration of existing content may be subject to an additional fee. Fees are $200/hour, $100/hour for non-profits.

View previously recorded webinars on our YouTube page.

Mental Health Promotion in Windsor-Essex County – read the comprehensive WECHU report.

If a workshop does not meet capacity the training may be cancelled.

If you wish to cancel your registration, it must be done at least 7 days prior to the training date. You may find another individual to take your spot.

No shows and cancellations of less than 48 hours will be charged a $60 cancellation fee for ASIST trainings.

CMHA-WECB thanks all of our Mental Health Promotion Supporters:

MHP Supporters

Bereavement Education

The Adult Bereavement Program provides therapy to bereaved individuals who are at risk of complex grief/trauma (up to two years after the death). Facilitated support groups based on type of…

Healthy Minds 4 Life

Healthy Minds 4 Life is a free, 4-week series open to anyone in the community. Each weekly module is facilitated virtually and is accompanied by a PowerPoint presentation and participant…

Living Life to the Full

What is Living Life to the Full? What topics are covered? Who can join a Living Life to the Full course? Who is this course not suitable for? Training Dates:…

Meet Our Educators

Mental Health First Aid

Mental Health First Aid is the support provided to a person who may be experiencing a decline in their mental well-being or a mental health crisis. Course participants will learn…

Mental Health in Schools

Full Day Mental Health Literacy Workshop for Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM)This full-day workshop is geared to grade 11 and 12 students taking the SHSM course in secondary school. The…

Mental Health in the Workplace

With the various workshops listed below we are able to help you reduce and eliminate personnel and financial costs in your business by assisting you in addressing mental illness within…

Mental Health Works

Capacity building workshops and presentations that are person-centered, evidence-based and solution-focused. We’ll help you build mental health awareness, teach you how to respond to challenging situations, and collaborate with you…

Migrant Worker Outreach

We’re here to help! ¡Estamos aquí para ayudarte! Narito para tulungan ka! Download our Resources brochure: English • Spanish • Tagalog CMHA-WECB is pleased to be a partner agency of Workforce WindsorEssex TeaMWork Project, funded…

Suicide Prevention (Living Works) Training

Please email us to inquire about pricing if you wish to host any of these trainings privately. All trainings can be provided in English and French. Living Works StartThis 90…

Wellness & Recovery College

Learning experiences for Everyone. Registration for May/June 2024 now open! Recovery Colleges were pioneered in the United States in 2000, spread to Europe in 2009, and then to Canada in…

Workplace Outreach Worker

We’re here to help you. To learn more, contact us at 519-982-6013 or by emailing [email protected] Support of the Workplace Outreach Worker program is provided by:


Introduction to Mental Health Maximizing our Mental HealthGreat for introducing the topic of mental health to any audience. This workshop looks at factors that influence mental health and well-being, and…

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