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If you’re thinking about suicide, 9-8-8 is here to help. Call or text 9-8-8 toll-free, anytime.

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Our Vision, Mission and Values

Vision Statement

“Mentally Healthy People in a Healthy Society”

Mission Statement

CMHA Windsor-Essex is leading and advocating for specialized community mental health services with integrated primary health care.

We will deliver on this vision by providing specialized programs for persons living with a serious mental illness through a recovery-based philosophy including:

Core Values

Compassion: Valuing human connection, prioritizing well-being through empathy and kindness, and aiming to make a positive impact in every interaction through genuine respect.

Person-Centred: Amplifying individual voices, championing unique experiences and concerns, and advocating for clients, echoing their needs, concerns, and aspirations in all efforts.

Excellence: Upholding professionalism and respect at every turn, remaining accountable and responsive. With a continuous focus on innovation and collaboration, providing services that meet the highest standards of care and understanding.

Strategic Drivers

Prioritizing Clients: Our strength lies in understanding and addressing the unique needs of every individual we serve. Ensuring clients are heard, respected, and cared for. With every decision made, our clients’ well-being remains our top priority.

Growing Together: We believe in the potential of our community. By providing opportunities to learn, listen and recognize contributions, we cultivate and environment where every person is valued and motivated to achieve their best.

Nurturing Connections: We focus on establishing and nurturing collaborations that align with strategic priorities and can amplify our reach and effectiveness. Whether it’s with other agencies, the communities we serve, or amongst ourselves, we are dedicated to partnerships that lead to better client outcomes.

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