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About CMHA

Our Mission & Vision

“Community well-being is our sole focus.”

Mission Statement

CMHA Windsor Essex is leading and advocating for specialized community mental health services with integrated primary health care.

We will deliver on this vision by providing:

Specialized programs for persons living with a serious mental illness through a recovery-based philosophy including:

Vision Statement

“Mentally Healthy People in a Healthy Society”

Our Values




End Statements

  1. To provide high quality services which build on natural supports, are confidential and safe and provide or link individuals to the least intrusive services to meet their needs.
  2. To provide integrated physical and mental health services to persons with a serious and persistent mental illness.
  3. To identify and strive to eliminate gaps in mental health services in Windsor and Essex County.
  4. To cultivate partnerships with consumers, families, and other service providers locally, regionally, provincially and nationally in furtherance of our mission.
  5. To advocate for change that will enable people with mental illness to achieve the highest quality of life possible, and to advocate for broader public policies that promote optimum mental health.
  6. To build community awareness of mental health issues and to educate the community on the impact of mental illness on individuals, families, friends and society at large.
  7. To position the Canadian Mental Health Association Windsor-Essex County Branch as a leader in the provision of mental health services.
  8. To ensure the governance policy process supports excellence, accountability and strategic planning.
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