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Frequently Asked Questions

Is CMHA a government agency?

CMHA is not a government agency; CMHA-WECB has a Board of Directors consisting of community volunteers. Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care funds many services (about 80%); other programs are funded by United Way and through fundraising and fee-for-service. CMHA is a non-profit organization.

How large is CMHA locally?

CMHA Windsor Essex County Branch has two offices – a main office located at 1400 Windsor Avenue in Windsor, and a county satellite office located in the South Essex Community Centre at 215 Talbot St. E. in Leamington. Presently there are more than 160 staff and 150 volunteers.

How is CMHA funded?

Funding for services is provided through a combination of funds from the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care, United Way, special grants, donations, memberships, and fundraising projects.

Does CMHA work independently or in partnership with other agencies?

CMHA has its own unique programs, however, the branch works with a number of community partners to ensure the area is well served in the realm of mental health services.

How can I become involved with CMHA?

You can contact CMHA or visit our volunteer, donation, or membership pages.

Why should I support CMHA?

Research shows that one in five Ontarians will experience a mental illness in their lifetime. Four in five will have family, friends or colleagues who experience a mental illness in their lifetime. Mental illness is very common and is too often downplayed because many people are uncomfortable talking about it. Everyone benefits from good mental health. Perhaps presently, or in the future, you, your friends, or your family may benefit from CMHA’s services. Branch services rely on community support to continue to enhance the understanding of mental health issues and mental illness.

What would my donation support?

General donations support all non-funded programs including adult bereavement, Grieveworks and Public Education. You can also designate your donation if you chose.

Who can use CMHA’s services?

Anyone can contact CMHA for assistance, information, or referral on mental health issues. Some services are targeted to specific populations. Please refer to individual programs for more information.

How can I help a family member, friend or myself get information about a mental health problem?

Contact CMHA-WECB by calling 255-7440.

I’m a caregiver of someone with a mental illness, how can I get help?

Being a caregiver for someone with a mental illness is an important role, but it can be difficult at times. If you support a friend or family member with a mental illness CMHA-WECB can help direct you to appropriate resources and services.

How do I access CMHA services?

Any individual wishing to access CMHA-WECB services should contact us by calling 255-7440. Our staff will assist you in finding the right service for your needs. Please refer to individual programs for more information.

Does CMHA charge for services?

The branch offers most of its services free of charge to the individual. Workplace Health Services is however, a fee-for-service program and some special public education presentation may require a fee to offset costs incurred.

Is there a wait for services?

CMHA-WECB strives to keep waiting periods to a minimum. Please refer to the individual programs for more information.

What is case management?

There are many types of case management. The type of case management that CMHA-WECB provides is flexible, one-to-one support for individuals utilizing person-centered planning and may include outreach, assessment, coordination of resources/services, emotional support, problem-solving, skill development, medication support, advocacy, family support, crisis planning and mental health education.

Will my information be kept confidential?

Yes. CMHA-WECB is bound by the Mental Health Act and the Privacy Act and must protect the personal and medical information of those accessing services.

What kind of service is offered in the county?

CMHA-WECB offers the same services to all individuals in Windsor and Essex County.

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