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The Comprehensive Role of Consumption and Treatment Services (CTS) in Ontario

Consumption and Treatment Services (CTS) are not only facilities for supervised drug consumption where overdoses can be reversed, for marginalized and vulnerable people, CTS
offer wraparound services.

Wraparound services recognize that individuals battling addiction often face a myriad of interconnected challenges.

These services, provided by various partner organizations, ensure a comprehensive approach to care:
• Access to primary care, addiction services, mental health support, and social services.
• Peer-based services that offer understanding and empathy.
• Additional services like meals, harm reduction education, and needle exchange programs.
• Provision of naloxone kits and training for overdose prevention.
• Referrals to local health and social services.

These services ensure that every individual receives comprehensive care so that they have the best chance at recovery.

Beyond preventing overdoses, CTS provide tools and resources for long-term well-being.

The approach is not just reactive but proactive, focusing on prevention, education, and long-term support.

In this way, CTS are at the forefront of a comprehensive harm reduction strategy, emphasizing health equity and recognizing healthcare as a fundamental human right.

As the unregulated drug supply is becoming increasingly toxic, the need for CTS and their comprehensive services has never been more evident.

It’s not just about addressing the crisis today, but building a foundation for a healthier, more resilient community.

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