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Health Promotion – CMHA Health Centre

Health Promotion provides health education programs to clients and family members of the CMHA Health Centre, as well as to people living in the community who may or may be attached to the centre. Health promotion ensures that most of the group activities are open to the public, as many of them would not be able to attend otherwise. The health promoter with the assistance of community partners such as the University of Windsor nursing students completes a catchment area needs assessment every 5 years. The Needs Assessment Highlights the various problems many of our clients are plagued with. As a result of the Needs Assessment the Centre is able to implement Best Practice Guidelines when developing treatment plans, as well as activities to address the identified needs. The health promotion department adheres to the determinants of health. Activities include education, promotion and prevention topics such as:


Individuals with no family doctor and live within the catchment area bounded by Crawford Ave, Tecumseh Rd, Central Ave and Riverside Drive and/or have a diagnosis of severe mental illness living anywhere in Windsor and Essex County without a family physician.

How To Access The Service

Complete a new patient referral form and submit to the secretaries at the CMHA Health Centre located at 1400 Windsor Avenue, Windsor, Ontario N8X 2L9. Telephone: (519) 971-0116 Fax: (519) 252-5646.


Ministry of Health and Long Term Care.

Service Hours

The regular business hours are 8:30 to 4:30 at the agency Monday to Friday. Services are available until 8:00 pm Monday to Thursday by appointment.

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CMHA Health Centre

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