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Adult Bereavement

The program provides therapy to bereaved individuals who are at risk of complex grief/trauma (up to two years after the death). Facilitated support groups based on type of death or relationship to the deceased offer peer support and education which promote understanding of grieving process, as well as learning and implementation of healthy coping strategies. The program also offers ongoing seminars about coping with grief and consultation to community agencies, groups and the general public.


Windsor and Essex County Residents 14 years of age and older who have experienced a recent loss through death.

How to Access the Service:

By appointment. Please contact 519-255-9940 Ext. 249.  You may have to leave a message.


No charge.

Service Hours:

The regular business hours are 8:30am to 4:30pm at the agency Monday to Friday. Services are available until 8:00pm Monday to Thursday by appointment.

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