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Mental health problems cannot be solved by corporations alone, government action is needed

February 17, 2015

 The content below is a Letter to the Editor from CMHA’s CEO, Peter Coleridge, submitted to the Globe & Mail in response to the Globe’s health columnist, Andre Picard’s article, “#BellLetsTalk is fine, but real action is needed too.  

”Action equals investment; Investment in improving people’s mental health and timely access to effective mental illness and addiction supports and services. Two months ago, Saskatchewan released its ten year mental health and addictions action plan. Now for the first time in Canadian history, every province has a strategy or plan focused on mental health and/or addictions. Many of these evidenced based action plans take inspiration from Canada’s Mental Health Strategy.
Leaders across Canada should be commended for the important strides made in mental health legislation, policies and programs. The next step requires an increase in the share of health and social services dollars spent on mental health so all Canadians can live healthier and more productive lives. Mr. Picard is correct, Bell’s commitment is commendable, but corporations cannot solve these problems. A coordinated investment effort to implement national and provincial action plans will reduce the $50 billion bill we all pay each and every year for poor mental health. #TakeActionNow
Peter Coleridge, National CEO

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