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#keepconnected now more than ever

Getting and staying connected during this coronavirus pandemic is critical. During a time of a crisis, CMHA-WECB believes it is important to be at the forefront of promoting mental health. 

Today we launched #KeepConnected – to highlight ways to stay connected and offer suggestions and tips, and we hope others will provide their ideas.

“This campaign is what we have always celebrated in our Sole Focus Project,” says Kim Willis, Director, Communications and Mental Health Promotion, CMHA-WECB.

“We have used ambassadors for outreach. We have connected with sponsors, donors, volunteers, staff and community. Using #KeepConnected we hope to use this time to also extend our services by using technology and social media.

Willis says the campaign is about taking action to offer resources that many people may not think about or even know exist.

CMHA-WECB will host webinars on timely topics in an effort to support those who are experiencing heightened anxiety, distress and loneliness. But we also want to celebrate the good news, the ways in which people are connecting and while in a crisis, find ways we can access some mindset tools as well. 

The rapid spread of COVID-19 and its impact on our daily lives has all of us dealing with new realities. While important to follow physical distancing, it is equally important to maintain connections to others.

Chat with a friend on the phone, text, email, Facetime, Skype, Zoom – maybe even set up a new social media platform. Maybe set up virtual social hours, watch parties of movies, trivia game challenges and even take the time to connect on social media. 

“Beyond lip service – we want to help with ideas and tools. We know this community is generous and a hashtag is a way to collaborate and share. It is a first step and one we hope will help promote social connections at such a crucial time in history.”

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