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If you’re thinking about suicide, 9-8-8 is here to help. Call or text 9-8-8 toll-free, anytime.

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Donations – Why support CMHA-WECB?

When you give to CMHA-WECB you know you are making a difference in the lives of many people in our community. Your gift offers help to those who have lost a loved one, which makes a difference every day. One more day is a big deal to someone who wasn’t sure if they could survive another minute. Many people who have gone through our bereavement support groups have said, “this group saved my life.” Your support saves lives!

Do you want to chance these odds?

There are many different mental illnesses and they have degrees of severity. There are individuals with a clinical mental illness with symptoms that can vary greatly. But many more individuals will have a mild mental illness including stress, depression and anxiety that will affect their ability to work; that will affect their personal relationships.

You can help yourself, a family member, friend or colleague living with mental illness today or in the future to live a better life by donating to CMHA today.

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How will my contribution be used?

Your donation can support our (Adult) Bereavement Program, Client Assistance Fund, General Fund, Kids’ Griefworks Program, Mental Health Education or Suicide Prevention & Awareness.

How would an in-kind donation of products or services be used?

Products and services can be used for a variety of Agency needs. Whenever possible, gifts are provided directly toward the individuals we support (such as household or personal items) to help reduce expenses and to ensure that basic needs are met. Additionally, appropriate items can be used to further generate revenue for the Agency by being used at fundraising events in silent/live auctions or as raffle prizes.

Can I direct my donation to a specific program or project?

Yes. You may direct your donation to any of our community programs, current awareness campaigns or special projects simply by selecting a program in the donation designation boxes.

Does CMHA-WECB provide charitable receipts?

Yes. CMHA-WECB will issue a charitable receipt for donations of more than $10.00.

How else can I help CMHA-WECB?

You can help by becoming a member, volunteering or donating items/services for Agency use.

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