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Mental Health & Well-Being of Windsor-Essex & Chatham-Kent Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners

The impact of COVID-19 goes well beyond lost profits and business model changes. Did you know?

2 in 5 Business Owners report feeling
depressed at least once a week.

 2 in 3 entrepreneurs feel tired or have low energy.

Entrepreneurs On The Front Lines is Community Collaboration Project initiated by WEtech Alliance with the Canadian Mental Health Association Windsor-Essex as part of the Digital Main Street Future Proof Program in Southwestern Ontario.

This project will provide free on-demand and customized mental health support and programming to business owners, entrepreneurs and their respective staff.

Whether you feel a bit down, are dealing with anxiety or depression, are concerned about using more alcohol or drugs, or even have suicidal thoughts – You are not alone.

Business owners and entrepreneurs looking for immediate support and/or proactive support to make mental health a priority can access the following:

Talk to someone now if you are in crisis or need immediate help.

Download your copy of the Mental Health and Wellness Toolkit.


To receive updates about On the Frontlines for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners, please email [email protected]




Leveraging CMHA Windsor-Essex County’s programming and expertise, the Entrepreneurs On The Front Lines project aims to provide tailored support, programming and resources to business owners, entrepreneurs and their staff with the goal of making well-being a priority. The project will run in Windsor-Essex and Chatham-Kent, beginning on December 14, 2020 and run through to March 31st, 2021.

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