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CMHA celebrates volunteer firefighters across Ontario

As we celebrate Volunteer Week, CMHA recognizes that the majority of firefighters in our province are volunteers. According to the National Fire Protection Association, more than 18,000 Ontarians currently serve as volunteer firefighters. These individuals are trained to the same standard as career firefighters, and they volunteer their services while holding other primary occupations. Their reason for volunteering is in service to their community’s public health and safety.

This commitment to make a difference is even more apparent when we consider the impact that fighting fires and responding to emergencies can have on the mental wellbeing of emergency personnel. Firefighters are exposed to some of the greatest psychosocial risks of any profession. Research has shown that the risks and responsibilities they shoulder have a significant impact on their well-being and on their families.

To help, Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA), Ontario Division is offering an evidence-based, peer-to-peer, skills development program designed by and for fire fighters. Resilient Minds™ is dedicated to building resilient fire teams and services – to educate, empower and equip fire fighters with the skills and resources to grow and maintain psychological wellness. CMHA believes in inspiring fire fighters to recognize and respond to psychological injuries and trauma in the workplace, promoting a shift to a supportive, mentally fit culture.

Thanks to a grant by Movember, CMHA Ontario is offering a special discounted rate for the Train-The-Trainer workshop & Resilient MindsTM course. Learn more and register at

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