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CMHA celebrates International Firefighters Day

May 4 is International Firefighters Day, so CMHA [branch] is pleased to join others around the world in celebrating these brave individuals who serve the public in emergency situations.

International Firefighters Day encourages communities to remember past firefighters who have died while serving or dedicated their lives to protecting the public. Likewise, this day provides an opportunity to show support and appreciation to the firefighters who continue to serve.

According to the Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs, there are more than 30,000 firefighters in Ontario, including more than 18,000 firefighters who work as volunteers. All of these individuals dedicate their time and risk their safety to the protection of life and property in their communities.

To support firefighters locally, CMHA-WECB is a member of the Windsor Essex First Responder Coalition, which seeks to develop a unified and collaborative approach to building resilience, reducing stigma, and promoting mental wellbeing in First Responders. As a direct result of doing their job, First Responders are at increased risk of experiencing occupational stress and other mental health issues. In recognition of this, the partners work together to develop strategies and programs to address the continuum of mental health issues known to impact First Responders. It brings employer and employee representatives from all Windsor-Essex County First Responder organizations together to develop a consolidated and tailored approach to promoting mental health as well as helping those who are in need of increased support. Visit to learn more.

Provincially, CMHA Ontario leads the mental health program Resilient Minds, an evidence-informed, peer-to-peer, skill-building program designed by and for career and volunteer firefighters across Canada to develop strategies to mitigate and better manage occupational stress and enhance personal resilience, resulting in informed and healthier teams.

Please join CMHA in celebrating the bravery, resilience and dedication of our local firefighters!

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