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Client Assistance Fund

The Client Assistance Fund was established to help our most financially vulnerable clients. Through consultation with their Community Support Worker, clients may access up to $250 per year (per client) to assist with basic necessities as well as unexpected financial expenditures relating to the health and well-being of the client.

The Fund provides grocery cards, transportation vouchers and short-term financial assistance for one-time, unexpected bills or shortfalls pertaining to housing and utilities.

The Client Assistance Fund helps with financial support of social determinants of health, such as housing and food stability. When we are able to ease the financial burden felt by a client, we free them to concentrate on their journey to wellness. Clients are able to survive and thrive when they have stable housing, access to regular meals, and reliable transportation to their mental health appointments.

In addition, the Fund is able to help with transportation to important appointments such as job interviews, or perhaps clothing for the interview or work boots for a new job.

In the four years ending March 2020, the Client Assistance Fund served an average of 283 clients each year.

To learn more, watch this brief video.

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