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A new season of Mood Walks for mental health

With fall upon us, CMHA-WECB is offering another season of Mood Walks, a successful well-being program that operates on a simple premise: get outdoors for your mental health.

Mood Walks was developed by the CMHA as a province-wide initiative that promotes physical activity in nature, or “green exercise”, as a way to improve both physical and mental health.

An increasing body of evidence suggests that one of the best ways to improve well-being is by simply spending more time outdoors. Walking in nature has been proven to provide health benefits such as increased energy and immunity, increased weight loss and fitness, increased vitamin D production, and reduced risk of diabetes, heart attacks, and cancer.

CMHA-WECB’s Mood Walks program features hikes at Point Pelee National Park running Thursdays through October 19. This is the second running of this program at our branch.

To learn more about the program, contact CMHA-WECB at 519-255-7440.

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