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Transitional Stability Centre – Crisis & Mental Wellness Centre

The Transitional Stability Centre (TSC) is an integrated interagency model of care. The TSC provides support for individuals identified as frequent users of Emergency Services, including Emergency Department, ambulance and police services, homeless or at risk of being homeless, having minor infractions with the law, and those experiencing a mental health or substance abuse event who don’t need admission to a hospital, but need stabilization and care coordination.

An inter-professional team onsite at TSC provides one-on-one (1:1) sessions with clients as well as supportive group programs. TSC collaborates with community organizations to provide clients with support/care services while ensuring tight client connections upon discharge. Client involvement can be up to five (5) weeks. Timelines are flexible based on client’s needs.

Program Eligibility


Referrals are received from hospitals and community providers. Self-referrals are also encouraged. All referrals are screened for safety and suitability.

Contact Information 


Transitional Stability Centre
744 Ouellette Ave.
Windsor, ON, N9A 1C3
Phone: (519) 257-5224
Fax: (519) 973-0613

Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday 8:00am to 10:00pm, Weekends 8:00am – 8:00pm.

Kevin Matte
Integrated Operations Manager
Hôtel-Dieu Grace Healthcare / Canadian Mental Health Association, Windsor-Essex County Branch
(519) 257-5111 ext. 72602 / (519) 562-5048
[email protected]

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